At Classic Acrylics, Inc., we fabricated the white acrylic light box lens highlighted here as a temporary replacement for a thermoformed lens.


The cosmetics department of a Target store was awaiting delivery of entirely new lighting fixtures when several of the existing light box lenses broke. Since the lighting fixtures currently installed in the cosmetics area were obsolete, the vacuum tooling for the original lenses no longer existed. The company needed a substitute product, and they needed it quickly.


Our engineering department reverse engineered a sample lens and created CAD drawing that replicated the original design. Production involved CNC machining and then using a custom built cold forming tool to bend the acrylic in a gradual arc without affecting the integrity of the material. Assembly consisted of solvent welding, and we used a process called flame polishing to create a high luster along the edges that allowed light to exit. When completed, the light box lens measured 12.0″ wide x 48.0″ long. We measured tolerances at critical in-process checkpoints and performed a final inspection to confirm its dimensional accuracy.


We shipped the replacement light box lens within two weeks. Since our fabricated version was a very close copy of the originally thermoformed product, it performed admirably as a substitute. We supplied a small quantity, and with the cold form tool already in place, reorders were quickly fulfilled. Our solution allowed Target to maintain the look of their cosmetics display until the new fixtures arrived.

Light Box Lens Project Specifications

Project Name & Description
Light Box Lens
Capabilities Applied / Processes
Engineering, design, CNC programming, CNC Machining, Solvent welding, flame polishing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
CNC Machine, Solidworks design software, cad cam CNC software, Flame polishing torch, Solvent for gluing
Overall Part Dimensions
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
White Acrylic
Material Finish
Polished edges
Industry for Use
In Process Testing / Inspection Performed
.005 tolerances dimensions measured after each step
Small Qty, under 50
Delivery / Turnaround Time
2 weeks
Delivery Location
Target Minnesota
Standards Met
.005 tolerances, material must allow light from light box to diffuse through it.
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